What is La Love Bites you may ask ? We are a design company that designs the most elegant of invites for any occasion whether they may be a wedding or a birthday. We are the affordable invitation destination; we will design you the best invite without breaking the bank, while also keeping the look that you have spent that much and much much more.

Our Story

Our story started out as a dream. When in college, I interned at a wedding company and fell in love with the industry. Being a girl, we all dream of that big day and all the things we want; the first thing we must consider is the invite, rsvp and save the date. At first we all know exactly what we want but then we see the price and all hopes fall short from the exaggerated prices for our special day. But here at La Love Bites we have have solved this problem, we have created a way to give the elegance of the invites we so desire at an affordable price so that every bride can have their dream wedding with the perfect invite.