It's the New Year!

We’re not going to start with that 'New Year, New Us' and 'Here’s what we hope is going to happen.' Instead, we are going to tell you the actual truth and what we actually will be doing and will come to pass by the end of the year.

In case you haven’t thought about it, yes we design invites for any occasion; that includes baby showers. We recently completed a couple of baby shower invites for a couple of couples (Ah, see what we did there). Below are 2 samples that both clients were pleased with. With the New Year already here, if you are a parent to be, we are happy to design your baby shower invites for you. Simply just send us an idea of what you would like for your design, and we’ll take it from there.

If there are any events you have coming up and you want to get invites, you don’t have to wait until the date is almost near; get started now and have them completed before hand. Are you planning a 2016 wedding, 2016 graduation, or 2016 party? Make sure to tell us your idea!

Happy Thanksgiving: LaLoveBites Best Thanksgiving Color Picks

We would like to take the time to thank all of you for making this possible. In the season of giving thanks, we are very grateful to have you actively engaged in our brand and our products. This season isn’t only a time to give thanks, but to spend extra time with the ones that you love and family that you haven’t seen since last year around this time. The best part of all is that many weddings and family events happen during this season right before the brutal winter hits.

Here at La Love Bites, we put together a list below of best colors and themes to decorate your place for the holidays to make your family and friends come back next year. Thinking of planning a big holiday event, order your invites with us today!

Numero Uno- Break out of that traditional rut with trying to get your house to match the turkey. Yes we’re talking about that lonesome brown that drapes your windows and dining room table. Instead go with Pantone’s color of the year: Marsala. This warm hue will keep your guests comfortable while complementing the red wine in their glass.

Photo: ablissfulnest

Photo: ablissfulnest

Numero Dos:  If you are more of the traditional type and just want to keep the style going, stick to Falcon Burnt Orange and Burnt Copper color with Dark Gold. These classic colors are sure to liven up the atmosphere of eating and swapping family stories that you can later use as black mail against your cousin.

Photo: mostviewsvideo

Photo: mostviewsvideo

Tres: If you’re looking to really get away from the normal fall colors, but want to start ushering in the winter, then Cobalt Blue is your choice. This chilling blue will also keep your home warm enough for everyone to open up about their embarrassing summer vacations, while keeping the family entertained.

Photo: qoryhome

Photo: qoryhome

Congrats, you made it to the end of this post. Remember, if you need a design for an invite any of your upcoming holiday events, contact us today.

Top 2 Flavors of Cake to Have at Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing what kind of cake you want for your wedding it can be difficult.  But don’t fret I’ve eaten and tried so many cakes that I have concluded what are the best cakes.


Let’s start with the Number 1, Chocolate!!!!!!! (Guy from SpongeBob’s voice)


Chocolate cake is like melted gold in your mouth. Its flavors are as decadent as they are luxurious. It can also be paired with different accents such as mint, orange and the cult favorite, strawberry. I believe chocolate cake is number one because it’s a childhood favorite and as we get older chocolate cake seems to become more refined and delicious.


Coconut and lime cake (Put the lime in the co- ah you know the rest….)


When you think of coconut and lime cake it just screams tropics. Coconut and lime cakes are perfect for the person that loves a rich creamy cake with a touch of tang from the lime that just makes the taste buds go wild.  Coconut cake is becoming a favorite of many but by adding lime to the cake it has created a whole new cake in general. This is the cake to have at your wedding if you want to knock your guests out of their socks.

So what cake will you have next?

Top 5 wedding flowers

Imagine yourself walking through fields of flowers beautiful isn’t it? Now imagine your wedding day and think what flower would best fit a summer wedding? Flowers are everything in a wedding; they encompass the theme of your special day. We have looked all over and found the top 5 wedding flowers for a summer wedding that not only look stylish but also sophisticated, no matter the venue or theme.

1.    What’s in a Rose

a.    Roses over the years have been considered the symbol of love and beauty which is what a wedding is all about. Writers through the centuries have talked about the hues and smells of the rose and how in the most interesting circumstances they pull every love story together. When it comes to the wedding world the rose is far from your average boring flower, it’s magical in it’s own special way. Not only does it come in shades, it’s also available all year around. So even in the summertime roses will be there waiting for you to chose them on your special day. With them being around all year, they are surprisingly affordable on any wedding budget. But when choosing the rose remember that not all roses are created equal. As luxurious as they may be, some are scented and some are not. With so many choices for roses just remember there are three top varieties of roses for your perfect day Three main types are likely candidates for your wedding flowers: Hybrid Tea Roses (the classic, uniformly-shaped commercial roses generally seen at your local florist), Spray Roses (a rose with five to ten small heads on each stem and a "natural, garden-grown" look), and garden roses (expensive, old-fashioned varieties with bushy, open heads and delicious scents).



2.   Tulip to be!

a.     The tulip is a wonderful flower! Most people think it originated in the Netherlands but to your dismay it’s actually from Persia.  As most flowers they all represent something and the tulip in all its glory represents consuming love and happy years, how magical is that! The tulip is a special flower for that fact it comes in a wide range of colors ranging from white, crème, pastels, even pink and yellow. Most of these colors are available all year around. Since tulips are common flowers they are extremely affordable but if you chose the route of rare varieties of tulips is when they can become a bit expensive. The tulip is very versatile that it can work in any venue weather it may be indoors or outdoors or simplistic or rustic they always manage to look beautiful. Three main varieties that are commonly used: Dutch Tulips (typically seen at neighborhood florist shops and in gardens), French tulips (expensive and elegant, with extra-long stems and large tapered blooms), and Parrot Tulips (noted for their ruffled, striped petals in intense colors).



3.   Calla Lily of my eye


a.     The Calla Lily is a beautiful flower and its name is elegant as is the appearance of the flower it is also known as the arum lily. The interesting thing about the Calla Lily is that it originated in Africa and is a symbol for magnificent beauty. The Calla Lily’s form had been a staple in the art community for years but especially the Art Nouveau era and 20th century photography. There are two types of Calla Lily that are available: the large headed variety with a very long stem, the smooth stem is best used for tall arrangements or presentation style bouquets, a miniature version is perfect for nosegays and boutonnieres. Creamy ivory is the most popular color for weddings, but Calla Lilies also come in yellow, orange, mauve-pink and even dark purple. So don’t forget to add a splash of color by mixing in the other colors as well.


4.   Pick Thee A Peony

a.     The peony is BIG and Beautiful! This flower has a full head and intoxicating perfume, with bright color that just makes you want to pick more. But despite the outward appearance of the plant it was given the name in Victorian times meaning “bashfulness”. The peony was cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years and with this thousand years they have developed the peony further with assistance from the French. Now the peony is available in two main types, the Herbaceous and the Tree Peony (tip: the latter’s flowers don’t last long when cut). A bouquet made solely of peonies can be a gorgeous arrangement but also makes great centerpieces. Peonies are grown in single and double flower styles, these flowers are a bit expensive but it’s so worth it on your big day! They are also available all year around so no matter the season the peony is there for you.

5.    Gorgeous Gardenia

a.     The gardenia is an exquisite plant with its dark waxy green leaves. The gardenia radiates a heavenly scent that is to die for. This heavy but intoxicating fragrance was first captivated by an old English sea captain traveling through South Africa in 1753. With this discovery he was prompted to bring the flower home as a souvenir. Gardenias are lovely flowers to be tucked in a bouquet or used as flowering in a bowl as a centerpiece. Even a single gardenia can make a wonderful corsage or hair accessory; the possibilities with this flower are endless. This flower is extremely beautiful and with this we ask you be extremely gentle, the delicate creamy ivory petals of this expensive flower can bruise very easily. The gardenia has 3 large to four-inch blossoms, there is also a miniature version of this flower.

Wedding themes

Getting married soon? Time running out? Don’t know your theme yet, Yikes! You better get the pedal to the metal. No one has ever said planning a wedding is easy yet alone picking a theme. Well La Love Bites is here to the rescue you, we have researched our hearts out and found the top wedding themes of the year for you.


1.     Year of the Flower

a. Flowers are in almost all weddings; let’s be honest they are in almost 100% of all weddings we either see or attend. But lately weddings and floral arrangements have gotten a big upgrade. Fresh flowers for everyone! We are noticing bigger and more extravagant bouquets. With the theme, Year of the Flower we notice that people are adding flowers to everything and anything including elaborate flower installations that hang over the dance floor or a few of the tables, fresh flower ceremony arches, cake canopies decked out with flowers, or even a fresh flower wall for escort cards and seating arrangements. You may say this sounds great, then think this might be way to pricy for me. Just pause and think; choose one option and look for the best deal for your budget and sometimes going to local florists can save you a bunch.


2.     A Woodland Wedding

a. A big theme that is occurring is the idea to go back to our roots, a rusting and natural feel but with a polished yet sophisticated look with some lovely accents. This means the occasional center piece made with wooden branches with some luscious flowers with some green moss like material and to add the polished look we add some nice sequins to give it that pop of glam. As for dresses you can have the long veil and everything but having a nice earthy themed lace with floral embellishments gives the whole dress a woodland feel. For your brides-maids, dare to be different by allowing them to mismatch a little with nice loose hair and maybe a braid in there, you want them to look relaxed as well as polished by adding maybe some faux pearls to tie the look together. Don’t fret we didn’t forget the flower girls to make the whole party come together, make a crown of flowers for the little ones with some small delicate branches. To tie everything together finish your décor with something that pops a little different, add some cute twinkle lights and maybe some animal motifs printed on the name cards all the way to escort cards. It’s a fun outdoor theme that is timeless.


3.     Color is Back

a. All white weddings are a thing of the past! Color is here to stay. This year weddings include big pops of bright hues for wedding color palettes. Have a rainbow of color options but more like a muted natural palate with blue, ivories, poppy red, and tangerine or even indigo, yes I said it, indigo. Your thinking that is way too much color but where there is a will, there is a way. Any bride can pull these colors off. Start by only infusing the color you chose into big details (that way people notice), then ask your florist to add a pop of color in all your floral arrangements. When it comes to your cake ask the baker to create amazing sugar pieces on your cake with your choice of color and don’t forget to make sure you use your pop of color on your nails sometimes a colorful bride is a happy bride.


4.     A White-Glove affair

a. Everybody thinks causal wedding are the way to go. Take a leap and go extreme make it something so memorable that you feel as though you took a step back in time. Take a page from the great Gatsby. Have a champagne tower or a multi-tier cake for a dramatic entrance. Whoever said no entrance was too grand! If you really want to kick it up a notch take a sconce right out the Cinderella playbook and have your wedding at a castle. Even if there is no castle a historic mansion or garden will do the trick. Even if the castle is not an option you can still give it the white glove touch by having your invites hand delivered and have your guests announced when they enter as well as escorted to their seats (who doesn’t love the extra help).  This is the moment of your lifetime to have all guests in big ball gowns and crowns. For the men (if they want), they can get super fancy with a three piece suit. Who said elegance wasn’t alive still.


5.     Royal Palettes

a. Marsala was voted the Pantone Color of the Year. That meant it set the tone for 2015’s wedding hues. It’s a rich wine red that is so complex, stylish and yet adaptable for any bride. Pair it with a gorgeous dusty blue for a romantic atmosphere. Imagine having Marsala colored linens on the table with a light blue and ivory colored floral at your wedding, it screams royal elegance and romance. Add a touch of glamour because what is elegance with out some glamour, make sure to add some rose gold weather it be in the invites or just the plates you choose.

b. Bonus: Flowers, like dahlias and peonies, grow naturally in this hot hue, and it’s a flattering color for your bridesmaids to wear if you want to make a statement.

How to budget for a kicka** event

We have all been there, we want that amazing wedding, birthday party or just host an event that will leave people remembering you from years on. I have read plenty books, magazines, blogs and guys I think I have the answer to your problem. No one wants to spend 10,000 dollars on a party; but what if I gave you 10 steps on how to make your party look like you spent 10,000 dollars on a lesser budget.

1.Plan, plan, and plan, is the key here! Don’t just go on impulse and put it all together and then look at your bank account and say “Ouch!! I spent way too much.” Studies show that when a person plans an event, they end up spending less money and less time. Less time means ‘honey you can go get your hair done later.’ But on a more serious note, treat your party like a business plan. Plan every aspect of it to the point that you will know what and where everything has to go. Before you know it your party will have planned itself in no time.

2.Drinks! Wine, champagne, and cocktails every party calls for this, even child friendly parties need these; raising children is stressful. When it comes to bars, people tend to over spend on this. Don’t think that you need to choose the “Set Plan” option. You don’t want to spend $1,000 if only 4 or 5 people drink at your event.  The best most cost effective option is the consumption bar; if you’re hosting a party it works best for you in the long run. It’s a pay as you go for each person, 1 person buys a drink and they only charge you for only that 1 drink. Whether it is soft drinks or alcoholic beverages you will save more money because they are both the same price; you’re only paying per beverage no matter the choice.

3.Above all, remember fees! Hidden fees are what we call the silent killer. When you purchase a service from a vendor make sure to ask them about the hidden fees up front so that they don’t spring them on you and you’re left wondering how the hell am I going to pay for this. Just to jumpstart, some things that have hidden fees are chef/ catering fees, bartender fees, services fees for staff, loading docks, and security; the list is endless.  The smart thing to do would be to ask for all the hidden fees before making a purchase decision, by doing this you will have a successful event.

4.Mail time!  Some times mailing things just might set you apart, yes the snail mail will make your event stand out. Take the time to have an invite designed this will set you apart from other events going on and will be a great keep sake for people to keep. Oh yea, by the way, we know a company that can design your invite, us!

5.Tunes, what’s a party without music! It was once thought that having a live band was the best route to go but over time it has been noticed that it isn’t such a good idea. Not all bands can play the same genre and equal good music, and when partygoers want a song they mean business. The solution is a DJ; they are the best. They are the total package not only are they half the price but you also get a variety of music for the amount money you will be paying. An added bonus is most of them come with interesting visuals (light, disco balls etc.), which is usually included in the price.

6. It pays to play.  To avoid getting sued or fined make sure you have all the proper permits for your music and catering services for your party.  Make sure to have this up front and done before you set your party date. Nothing is worse than having to delay a party due to not having proper paper work; it’s a big no.

7. A trend that’s in right now is linen. They are a must for parties, not only do they add elegance, they are definitely an eye pleaser. When linen touches the ground its known to be more appealing to the eyes and an inexpensive way to add a touch of color to any event.

8.Think swag! How many glasses and beer mugs can one have? Way to many. By the end of the season you end up with a million mugs and shirts. Don’t waste your money on these things that most partygoers will leave behind. Get a photo booth and if that isn’t in your price range create a way to print out photos of your guests. Not only is it less expensive but people also love photo memories and they are guaranteed to take home.

9.Food! Everybody craves it and everybody needs it. Don’t go overboard when choosing your menu items, you do not need a 6-7-course meal. It’s a proven fact that a 3-course meal is the most cost effective and tends to taste better to the partygoers. Many catering companies will want you to have up to 10 hors d’oeuvres, don’t do it! One its way too many choices for people and there will be a ton of them not eaten. Keep it simple, at most 3 it’s the magic number here.  Also skip the delicacies such as lobster, filet mignon, Ahi tuna, caviar, and truffles most people are allergic to them. And if your catering service chooses to use these selections, ask them to use them sparingly and make them small so that you are not wasting extra money. But overall keep it simple, simple is always better and less expensive. Always remember to educate yourself on what food services your choosing that way you know what cut your getting and what foods are in season this also affects the price.

10. Just have fun. The experience of planning a wedding or event is all about fun don’t let the craziness of planning an event drive you loco for coco puffs. Take a breath when it gets tough and remember when it is done, it will be an amazing event.

Welcome to the launch of La Love Bites

We are a young and modern company. We may be young but we are innovative and ready to show the world what we have. We design all types of invites and rsvps; if you have a style in mind, we can design it. We have some styles that are ready and available to you but if you want something that speaks to your soul that is truly one of a kind we can do that too; just contact us or shoot us an email and we will gladly create a custom design for you that all your friends will gush about.