Top 2 Flavors of Cake to Have at Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing what kind of cake you want for your wedding it can be difficult.  But don’t fret I’ve eaten and tried so many cakes that I have concluded what are the best cakes.


Let’s start with the Number 1, Chocolate!!!!!!! (Guy from SpongeBob’s voice)


Chocolate cake is like melted gold in your mouth. Its flavors are as decadent as they are luxurious. It can also be paired with different accents such as mint, orange and the cult favorite, strawberry. I believe chocolate cake is number one because it’s a childhood favorite and as we get older chocolate cake seems to become more refined and delicious.


Coconut and lime cake (Put the lime in the co- ah you know the rest….)


When you think of coconut and lime cake it just screams tropics. Coconut and lime cakes are perfect for the person that loves a rich creamy cake with a touch of tang from the lime that just makes the taste buds go wild.  Coconut cake is becoming a favorite of many but by adding lime to the cake it has created a whole new cake in general. This is the cake to have at your wedding if you want to knock your guests out of their socks.

So what cake will you have next?