Wedding themes

Getting married soon? Time running out? Don’t know your theme yet, Yikes! You better get the pedal to the metal. No one has ever said planning a wedding is easy yet alone picking a theme. Well La Love Bites is here to the rescue you, we have researched our hearts out and found the top wedding themes of the year for you.


1.     Year of the Flower

a. Flowers are in almost all weddings; let’s be honest they are in almost 100% of all weddings we either see or attend. But lately weddings and floral arrangements have gotten a big upgrade. Fresh flowers for everyone! We are noticing bigger and more extravagant bouquets. With the theme, Year of the Flower we notice that people are adding flowers to everything and anything including elaborate flower installations that hang over the dance floor or a few of the tables, fresh flower ceremony arches, cake canopies decked out with flowers, or even a fresh flower wall for escort cards and seating arrangements. You may say this sounds great, then think this might be way to pricy for me. Just pause and think; choose one option and look for the best deal for your budget and sometimes going to local florists can save you a bunch.


2.     A Woodland Wedding

a. A big theme that is occurring is the idea to go back to our roots, a rusting and natural feel but with a polished yet sophisticated look with some lovely accents. This means the occasional center piece made with wooden branches with some luscious flowers with some green moss like material and to add the polished look we add some nice sequins to give it that pop of glam. As for dresses you can have the long veil and everything but having a nice earthy themed lace with floral embellishments gives the whole dress a woodland feel. For your brides-maids, dare to be different by allowing them to mismatch a little with nice loose hair and maybe a braid in there, you want them to look relaxed as well as polished by adding maybe some faux pearls to tie the look together. Don’t fret we didn’t forget the flower girls to make the whole party come together, make a crown of flowers for the little ones with some small delicate branches. To tie everything together finish your décor with something that pops a little different, add some cute twinkle lights and maybe some animal motifs printed on the name cards all the way to escort cards. It’s a fun outdoor theme that is timeless.


3.     Color is Back

a. All white weddings are a thing of the past! Color is here to stay. This year weddings include big pops of bright hues for wedding color palettes. Have a rainbow of color options but more like a muted natural palate with blue, ivories, poppy red, and tangerine or even indigo, yes I said it, indigo. Your thinking that is way too much color but where there is a will, there is a way. Any bride can pull these colors off. Start by only infusing the color you chose into big details (that way people notice), then ask your florist to add a pop of color in all your floral arrangements. When it comes to your cake ask the baker to create amazing sugar pieces on your cake with your choice of color and don’t forget to make sure you use your pop of color on your nails sometimes a colorful bride is a happy bride.


4.     A White-Glove affair

a. Everybody thinks causal wedding are the way to go. Take a leap and go extreme make it something so memorable that you feel as though you took a step back in time. Take a page from the great Gatsby. Have a champagne tower or a multi-tier cake for a dramatic entrance. Whoever said no entrance was too grand! If you really want to kick it up a notch take a sconce right out the Cinderella playbook and have your wedding at a castle. Even if there is no castle a historic mansion or garden will do the trick. Even if the castle is not an option you can still give it the white glove touch by having your invites hand delivered and have your guests announced when they enter as well as escorted to their seats (who doesn’t love the extra help).  This is the moment of your lifetime to have all guests in big ball gowns and crowns. For the men (if they want), they can get super fancy with a three piece suit. Who said elegance wasn’t alive still.


5.     Royal Palettes

a. Marsala was voted the Pantone Color of the Year. That meant it set the tone for 2015’s wedding hues. It’s a rich wine red that is so complex, stylish and yet adaptable for any bride. Pair it with a gorgeous dusty blue for a romantic atmosphere. Imagine having Marsala colored linens on the table with a light blue and ivory colored floral at your wedding, it screams royal elegance and romance. Add a touch of glamour because what is elegance with out some glamour, make sure to add some rose gold weather it be in the invites or just the plates you choose.

b. Bonus: Flowers, like dahlias and peonies, grow naturally in this hot hue, and it’s a flattering color for your bridesmaids to wear if you want to make a statement.