Top 2 Flavors of Cake to Have at Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing what kind of cake you want for your wedding it can be difficult.  But don’t fret I’ve eaten and tried so many cakes that I have concluded what are the best cakes.


Let’s start with the Number 1, Chocolate!!!!!!! (Guy from SpongeBob’s voice)


Chocolate cake is like melted gold in your mouth. Its flavors are as decadent as they are luxurious. It can also be paired with different accents such as mint, orange and the cult favorite, strawberry. I believe chocolate cake is number one because it’s a childhood favorite and as we get older chocolate cake seems to become more refined and delicious.


Coconut and lime cake (Put the lime in the co- ah you know the rest….)


When you think of coconut and lime cake it just screams tropics. Coconut and lime cakes are perfect for the person that loves a rich creamy cake with a touch of tang from the lime that just makes the taste buds go wild.  Coconut cake is becoming a favorite of many but by adding lime to the cake it has created a whole new cake in general. This is the cake to have at your wedding if you want to knock your guests out of their socks.

So what cake will you have next?

Top 5 wedding flowers

Imagine yourself walking through fields of flowers beautiful isn’t it? Now imagine your wedding day and think what flower would best fit a summer wedding? Flowers are everything in a wedding; they encompass the theme of your special day. We have looked all over and found the top 5 wedding flowers for a summer wedding that not only look stylish but also sophisticated, no matter the venue or theme.

1.    What’s in a Rose

a.    Roses over the years have been considered the symbol of love and beauty which is what a wedding is all about. Writers through the centuries have talked about the hues and smells of the rose and how in the most interesting circumstances they pull every love story together. When it comes to the wedding world the rose is far from your average boring flower, it’s magical in it’s own special way. Not only does it come in shades, it’s also available all year around. So even in the summertime roses will be there waiting for you to chose them on your special day. With them being around all year, they are surprisingly affordable on any wedding budget. But when choosing the rose remember that not all roses are created equal. As luxurious as they may be, some are scented and some are not. With so many choices for roses just remember there are three top varieties of roses for your perfect day Three main types are likely candidates for your wedding flowers: Hybrid Tea Roses (the classic, uniformly-shaped commercial roses generally seen at your local florist), Spray Roses (a rose with five to ten small heads on each stem and a "natural, garden-grown" look), and garden roses (expensive, old-fashioned varieties with bushy, open heads and delicious scents).



2.   Tulip to be!

a.     The tulip is a wonderful flower! Most people think it originated in the Netherlands but to your dismay it’s actually from Persia.  As most flowers they all represent something and the tulip in all its glory represents consuming love and happy years, how magical is that! The tulip is a special flower for that fact it comes in a wide range of colors ranging from white, crème, pastels, even pink and yellow. Most of these colors are available all year around. Since tulips are common flowers they are extremely affordable but if you chose the route of rare varieties of tulips is when they can become a bit expensive. The tulip is very versatile that it can work in any venue weather it may be indoors or outdoors or simplistic or rustic they always manage to look beautiful. Three main varieties that are commonly used: Dutch Tulips (typically seen at neighborhood florist shops and in gardens), French tulips (expensive and elegant, with extra-long stems and large tapered blooms), and Parrot Tulips (noted for their ruffled, striped petals in intense colors).



3.   Calla Lily of my eye


a.     The Calla Lily is a beautiful flower and its name is elegant as is the appearance of the flower it is also known as the arum lily. The interesting thing about the Calla Lily is that it originated in Africa and is a symbol for magnificent beauty. The Calla Lily’s form had been a staple in the art community for years but especially the Art Nouveau era and 20th century photography. There are two types of Calla Lily that are available: the large headed variety with a very long stem, the smooth stem is best used for tall arrangements or presentation style bouquets, a miniature version is perfect for nosegays and boutonnieres. Creamy ivory is the most popular color for weddings, but Calla Lilies also come in yellow, orange, mauve-pink and even dark purple. So don’t forget to add a splash of color by mixing in the other colors as well.


4.   Pick Thee A Peony

a.     The peony is BIG and Beautiful! This flower has a full head and intoxicating perfume, with bright color that just makes you want to pick more. But despite the outward appearance of the plant it was given the name in Victorian times meaning “bashfulness”. The peony was cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years and with this thousand years they have developed the peony further with assistance from the French. Now the peony is available in two main types, the Herbaceous and the Tree Peony (tip: the latter’s flowers don’t last long when cut). A bouquet made solely of peonies can be a gorgeous arrangement but also makes great centerpieces. Peonies are grown in single and double flower styles, these flowers are a bit expensive but it’s so worth it on your big day! They are also available all year around so no matter the season the peony is there for you.

5.    Gorgeous Gardenia

a.     The gardenia is an exquisite plant with its dark waxy green leaves. The gardenia radiates a heavenly scent that is to die for. This heavy but intoxicating fragrance was first captivated by an old English sea captain traveling through South Africa in 1753. With this discovery he was prompted to bring the flower home as a souvenir. Gardenias are lovely flowers to be tucked in a bouquet or used as flowering in a bowl as a centerpiece. Even a single gardenia can make a wonderful corsage or hair accessory; the possibilities with this flower are endless. This flower is extremely beautiful and with this we ask you be extremely gentle, the delicate creamy ivory petals of this expensive flower can bruise very easily. The gardenia has 3 large to four-inch blossoms, there is also a miniature version of this flower.